As is the way with all Broadcast products, they arise from repeated requests for a custom device with similar requirements.

I’ve built hundreds of headphone amps and was receiving a numberĀ of requests for stage headphone amps. A loud, high performance amp is a given, I wouldn’t bother with anything else. Along-side this we needed a cue input for metronomes, backing tracks, drum machines and a few other bells and whistles.

Here is the prototype Head Band

  • automatic mains voltage selection 100 – 240Vac
  • high performance headphone amp – suitable for 16 to 600 ohm phones – output on 6.35 and 3.5 sockets
  • line level inputs on balanced XLRs / TRS combo sockets
  • balanced line level cue input ( mono ) on XLR
  • stereo headphone level cue input on 3.5mm socket ( direct connection to ipad / smartdevice )
  • cue trim control
  • cue mute switch on far right of front panel
  • mode switch – mono / stereo / mute
  • mic stand thread adapter built into base – accepts ” large” and “small” threads


Any comments welcome

Pricing and availability – Coming Soon!