As 2018 heads to it’s inevitable conclusion I’ve had an opportunity to look back over the last 12 months and the jobs Pro Harmonic has entertained.

Straight ahead repair work never lets up. This year I repaired over 200 items of equipment. The repairs ranged from tightening up a ground screw on a microphone to hardcore repairs on old digital delays or rehanging the spring array in an AKG BX25 . In addition I saw around 60 guitar amps for repair. re-tubing, setup or rebuild. Included was the full refurbishment of an exceedingly rare Vox 730 and a not quite as rare but just as desirable Ampeg B15 Fliptop, and Ampeg VT22 I also let a few keyboards slip through for refurbishment including a Rhodes Chroma and Arp Odyssey.
Microphones old and new were regularly turning up. With around 57 mics being repaired, including a handful of U47s, C12 and lots of AKG 414 of all variations.

I built almost 100 items of gear, ranging from headphone amps and monitor controllers, metering panels, powersupplies and a slew of custom doohickies for one of our state parliaments.
On the racking front, some 40 console channel strips were cut down or modules extracted and installed into rack cases. Lots of pairs but also some big 8 channel racks. This included pairs of Neve V, Quad Eight Coronado and SSL4000.
With unflinching effort from my partner in all this crime we also recapped, serviced and aligned 56 channels of SSL4000 console.

Thanks to all our clients for keeping things interesting. Thanks also for your patience, I know some jobs took way to long to get across the line.

We’ll be forging on in 2019