Pro Harmonic is internationally renowned for “racking” channel strips and other “vintage” units or modules.
Beyond simply putting modules into a case, the units are optimised for standalone operation, refurbished and modified for the best possible performance whilst retaining the unit’s unique qualities.

We have racked Neve from 1066 to VR : SSL 4000 to 6000 : Harrison : API : Auditronics 110 to 700 : Electrodyne to Quad Eight : MCI JH-500 to JH-600 : TAB Siemens and Telefunken

Below you’ll find examples of recent and past projects.

Auditronics 110 A – with meters and proharmonic eq mod

MCI 500D – With it’s extraordinary high power supply voltages these modules are the bomb for huge dynamic range

Neve 51 channels – we can just about do these in our sleep now

Electrodyne 711L

Harrison SM-5 – we extract the preamp / output driver card, EQ module and fully re-rack

Siemens V72 – a nice pair racked with adjustable gain to +50dB and variable input pad for flavour

Archived photos of racking jobs over the last 10 years can be found here