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Quad Eight Coronados
Four 2-channel units in “lunch-box” style flight cases. These units mix the AM-10 discrete amplifier with standard op-amps. With mic and line in, > +30dBu output level and 3-band switched EQ, phase rev and ouput level control.

Klien and Hummel UE-100
re-tubed, re-capped and fully restored. One channel of 4-band EQ – 14 tubes!!!

Quad Eight Compressors
top – AM2B pair racked, input/ output transformers added, external metering
bottom – CL22 pair racked, input/ output transformers added, external metering

Quad Eight 312
‘second generation’ racking of the Quad Eight ‘Star Wars’ EQ312 modules. These have a new mic-pre transformer, high Z DI input and pad, phase and phantom added.
Racked pairs of these are now available to purchase ALL SOLD!

read the story of these modules

Neve 33415 Modules
Pair racked with stepped gain and output trim control. Pad, phase, phantom via JLM ‘go-between’ pcb

Auditronics 110 modules
another pair racked, IC’s upgraded, re-capped and transformer balanced outputs added

NEVE 1093
racked with ouput ‘fader’ and Sifam metering
MCI-500 Series
single channel strip racked, ready to rock!

Inside is very busy…note the copper ground buss running along the bottom rear of the case.

Neve V Series channel strips
The Mic / Line Input section with compressor / gate and EQ / Insert Send – Return Modules were pulled from the channel strip. New dress plates were made and 2 channel’s worth installed into a 2unit rack case. These Neve V series upon which the Neve Prism Racks are based and are the children of the Neve 51 Series consoles are seriously under-rated units. Often left behind in the madness that surrounds the 1073 etc etc modules.

Siemens / Telefunken Modules
V276 Mic-pre’s
w295B three band EQ’s
racked as separate modules with a ‘pre to EQ’ linking switch and the VU’s able to be selected to read either the pre or EQ module.

MCI 500 Series Racks

various version of these have been built over the past 12 months. The MCI-500 console utilised a unique ap-amp that runs on +/- 36V rails giving a +30dB internal and external signal handling ability.

complete info here

Hill J Series Console strips
These feature a mic / line input and a fixed eight band graphic EQ.
Two strips were cut down, a balanced line input added, an output level pot included and transformer output added.

Audix modules
4 x 35102 and 2 x AM6 modules per rack. The 35102 modules were modified to provide separate mic and line inputs and a DI input added.
Custom racked for Pnau and Floating Point Studios

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