Archive 5

more Auditronics 501 modules racked and ready!

Rack of six Neve 1272 modules

– original gain structure kept intact to enable them to drop back into a console.

– external gain step and pad, phase and phantom.

Neve 33115 channel modules
Quad Eight AM2B – minimal signal path opto compressor

MCI JH-500

universal supply 100 to 240Vac
all transformer in and out ( jensen mic transformer, stancor line in and line out )
switchable phantom
High Z DI input on front panel
phase rev ( mic and line )
sweepable HP filter 30Hz to 300Hz
four band EQ – fully switched – no pots! Overlapping mid bands , treble peak or shelf.
Output level control – with a “cal” position for unity gain on line inputs

a limited number of these are currently for sale


SSL 5000 EQ modules – a nice rack of eight
Neve V series channel strips – a single channel and a pair.
Auditronics 501 – same feel as the 110, but with the useful extra EQ band
Another pair of Auditronics 110 modules – the inside view. These are racked up with the JLM international PSU and used a pair of output driver cards from the original console.