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Here are the 26 articles written by Rob from Audio Technology magazine from 2009 till 2012


There’s no denying that a certain lack of technical understanding of equipment specification and calibration exists within the audio industry today. So this issue I thought I’d have a crack at outlining some of the common terms of technical specification.

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How then does all this relate to transformers? Well, audio transformers have some easily quantifiable qualities and in exploring these qualities we can find some particular characteristics that may just be the key to generating some of this so-called ‘warmth’.

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DIY repair

The question ‘why does my equipment break down when I need to use it?’ is one that’s regularly posed to me by my clients. My usual response is: ‘If you don’t use something it won’t break, and therefore if you do use it, it will break.

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One of those terms we often come across in the audio world is the word Impedance, often quoted as one aspect of a piece of equipment’s technical specifications. Typically quoted is a unit’s input impedance and output impedance. So, what is it and what does it...

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Buying VU meters is one thing, getting them to work in  your studio is quite another. Follow our step-by-step guide to selecting and wiring up a bulletproof VU  metering system.

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