ArchiveĀ 9

MCI JH-500

Neve 3415 module – shoehorned into a snackbox – modified to create an outstanding 1081 style mic preamp / DI

Trident A Range – single channel

SSL5000 compressor modules – 520 stereo compressor and a pair of 510 mono compressors

SSL4000 – single channel racked

RCA BA43 amplifier modules – one rack with a BA45 opto compressor – one rack with BA26 FET limiter – amplifier module juiced up for microphone preamp duties – variable release controls and threshold mods added.

Quad Eight CL22 compressors – dual mono or stereo linked. These use the early “black can” dBx VCA

Olive 2100 – never heard of the Olive console? Neither had we. Research suggests only one was ever made – funky EQs

Neve 51 – just the EQ modules racked with new output driver amps and the “pumpkin” output transformers

Neve 51 channels – we can just about do these in our sleep now.

Electrodyne 710 modules – these had previously been butchered losing their gain controls – new stepped gain controls added with level / Hi-Z instrument inputs and metering

Siemens V72 – a nice pair racked with adjustable gain to +50dB and variable input pad for flavour

AWA Console channel – the quite rare dual channel module from AWA’s brief foray into music recording consoles

Amek MZ-15-RN – Rupert had a hand in the design of these they say.

Quad Eight AM-10 discrete amp modules – converted to a pair of microphone / instrument preamps