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Quad Eight Coranado – featuring the discrete AM-10 amplifier module

RCA Mixer – on the left as it arrived in the workshop. These are a not uncommon four into one mixer typically used by Broadcasters for “field” broadcasts. Dead simple three transistor amplifiers and bucket loads of gain.

Below is what I did to it – Now a four channel preamp with individual outputs, variable 30dB input pad, phantom and phase rev.

Here’s what the owner had to say about the completed unit –

“Had a good run with the unit now.. It is VERY worthwhile getting this work done to it…
It looks freaking amazing first off…
Secondly, the sound is very smooth. Ive tried it on some drums, (overhead, room, anything with cymbals in them really)… It mellows out the ear hurty stuff, but still sounds clear and open… It handles processing really well too. If i need more tops, it brings out a smooth non pokey top end….

On vocals, Very good.. Im loving them here heaps… Used these pres with both dynamic ,condenser, and tube mics on vocals. All are a win… This chap had a funny ‘shh’ sound whenever an ‘s’ sound appears.. It was alot less obvious with this pre compared to Vintechs and API…” – Dave Parkin

RCA preamps
An Eight pack of very crusty preamp modules featuring Jensen input transformers and single opamp amplifer. Opamp ungraded to OPA604 and output transformers added.

SSL 4000 series channel strip – sliced and diced and installed into a rack case. All original functions retained. Output transformers added. Outstanding technical performance.


On the left – how is all looks inside.

MCI JH-500

Siemens V72 – dual case, just waiting for another module to turn up.

TAB V76 – two units into one rack case – this is one heavy box!

TAB V76m – the version without the filters and fine gain controls in their place – nice!

Yamaha PM2000 – one pair with JLM Audio’s EQ inductor mod

AWA Console module – not too many of these around Australia, none anywhere else

SSL 522 – Stereo EQs

Neumann PEV C EQs

Neumann PEV EQs

SSL5000 Series Rack – plus two 6000 preamp modules – mono EQ, stereo EQ and mono compressors

Neve 51 Series Channel Strips – no dynamics section on these

NP IK42 channel strips – pretty rare!

Neve 51 – Stereo EQ module with sweepable filters

Neve 33420 modules transformed into a quad pack of mic preamps

Torseem F2000 EQs

NTP dynamics modules – very cool

Torseem M2000 and F2000 Mic preamps and EQs

Neve 3115 modules – rack of four – two sets of these were built for the ABC

Auditronics 110B – these just keep turning up

Telefunken V676 Mic preamp

Calrec AX 1637 Preamps – a two channel and a six channel module

Telefunken W395 EQs

Mitsubishi 82041 EQs – and you thought they only made cars!

Neve 51

Telefunken preamps and Neumann EQs able to be run separately or linked

Trimax A55 – Bonnie and Blondie
Trimax A55 – this one with a line input added – these are a great sounding preamp so long as you can work with the limited max gain

Neve 1272 – rack of four