Archive 7

Neve 34128 modules – big rack of eight
Neve BA183 cards – with the full enchilda
Amek RL-1 channel strip
Neve 1066 modules – fully refurbished
Calrec stereo compressors – full linked for up to eight channels of compression / limiting
Harrison SM-5 – channel strips
SSL502 EQ modules
Optro channel modules – lots of gain, EQ and optical compressor
Lomo YN-27 – two channel into one tube preamp
UA 1008 tube preamps
TAB V76 racked with big meter, FET DI and output trim…featuring gold coin gain adjust
Neve BA183 cards with JLM gain kit, meters and FET DIs
ANT W696 EQs


Quad Eight EQ312

a nice rack of eight orange ones

Neve V Series Channel strips