Archive 6

SSL 5000 Series

a pair of mono 502 EQs and a stereo 520 compressor / limiter.

Racked for The Mill with calibrated metering

Auditronics 110A modules – introducing the “esky” – forget the lunchbox, get your module racked into one of these natty cases
Neumann W-491 EQ modules – nice fresh ones – all switched controls
Telefunken V762 – general purpose summing amplifier modules – tweaked for operation as mic-pres
a custom designed four channel mic-pre / DI – using fully refurbished Neve 183 / 283 cards. Stepped gain controls, trim, phantom and phase.JLM FET DI and JLM meters. Carnhill input and output transformers
Quad Eight MM403 – considering that there were only a couple of consoles made using this module, i’ve lost track of how many I’ve racked. Another three pairs here – these rock!
Neve 2254 compressor / limiter
BBC Compressor modules – taken from a control room BBC custom console. These PA6/77 modules were probably developed in association with Audix.

They use the same passive LC delay technology later exploited by SSL in the 5000 series compressors to speed up the possible attack time.

These use the MC1495 four quadrant multiplier IC as the variable gain control.

New case / front panels / artwork and GR meters added.

Neve 1272JLM mod for front end added – so close to a 1073 you won’t spot the difference!
a pair of Audix 35102 modules – you can smell Neve in these things. Marinair transformers, class A discrete amplifier stages. Modified for greater output drive capacity
Auditronics 110A – they just keep coming!
two pairs of Siemens U273 compressor / limiter modules racked. New funky GR meters and output trim added.
Trimax A55 – originally general purpose tube broadcast program amplifiers – power supplys added, retubed, stepped gain controls brought to the front panel and 20dB output attenuator and FET DI added
two Telefunken V676 preamps

Original Telefunken Rack – tidied up and blanking plate added with controls for 2 x V72 and 2 x V76
Quad Eight EQ312 – essentially the same module as found in MM403 / MM410 but with just a line input, no mic-pre – smooth as a baby’s butt eq
Neve 34128 – levered into a 1U rack case
Neve 51 – short form channel strips, without the limiter section and two rather than four band EQ. These modules were essentially unused and still in the original packaging – nice!
Siemens V72 – modified for 50dB max gain with control / pad / phase rev / phantom
Neve 33415 modules – racked with stepped gain controls / pad / phase rev / phantom and FET DI


Raindirk Series 3 channel strips
RCA BA-43 Program amplifier and BA-45 optical compressor– FET DI added and gain structure of program amp set up for mic or line input – great bass DI / comp