Archive 4

API 550b and 560 EQs
forget the lunch box – rack it!
Auditronics 501
mic / line and four band inductor EQ – sweet
“I just wanted to thank you for the Auditronics racking job. Very nicely done. They sound great, especially the EQ. The look and build quality are sensational. Thank you.” …. Scott
TAB V272
european line amp modules – cranked for mic pre gaintwo transformers and five transistors, it couldn’t be anymore simple ….. and hard pressed to sound much better!new JLM Class A FET DI added
excellent condition V72 modules – racked with gain mod for max 50dB gain and frequency response compensation

TAB U373 Limiter and W395a EQ

all in a handy crib …. no, it’s not a lunch box

Neve 33421 Modules
modified for increased gain range with 12 position stepped gain control added. Gain mod done “correctly” to maintain technical performance.+/- 10dB Trim and usual phantom, pad and phase.
the last of the Harrison Channel racking project! ( please, no more! ) Two pairs of transformer mic-pre versions ( blue EQ knobs ) and two pairs of transformerless versions. These things must have the most powerful sweepable high and low pass filters of any console EQ ever made!
BFE Limiters
balanced I/O and makeup gain added
two sets of Big 1 Pairs. Normally just a single unit is a rack space, I got a shoehorn out and levered two units into the one case. Attack and Release added. Fat Australian made hard FET limiting