Archive 3

Lawo W995/10
another pair of these EQs, this time the /10 version, IC based and state variable filters rather than inductors – still nice! ( see it’s older brother further down the page )
Calrec PQ2647
two pairs of Calrec channel strips
ANT W685b modules – a brand new pair, still in orginal packaging – nice! Squeezed into a one unit rack case with universal SMPSU
Spectrasonics channel strips – mic-pre / inductor EQ – a big rack of four!
Rola 77 mkIII – modified signal path to give a mic-pre / DI – these rock!
Quad Eight MM403
another couple of sets of these fantastic channel strips. These versions had a class A FET DI installed in place of the unused foldback control
Spectrasonics 101
these universal amplifier modules were modified to provide smooth continuous gain control ( without all the thumping that the typical implimentation results in ) and racked in custom cases with isolated and calibrated VU meters
Telefunken and Neumann EQ and filter modules
SSL542 EQ modules
very high performance parametric EQ modules from the SSL500 console
JLM dINgO balancing amps added to provide input and output balancing and gain correction
Lawo W995
serious german made EQ’s – all discrete amplifiers / transformer in-out / inductor based EQ
Neve 51
nice pair of Neve 51 modules – mic pre / filters / limiter – gate / 4 band EQQuote from the owner
“Hi Rob, Received the neve’s yesterday, opened the box and was really taken by the quality of the job you did!!! Just wanted to let you know that I have received them, and to thank you for turning these into such a great product. I hooked them up to the patch bay and checked to see that they worked ok, they did flawlessly, Fantastic!!!!!! First impression was they sounded really good, playing with the eq was a lot of fun, I think these will get used a lot and look forward to using them in the near future.
I’d like to say I’ve got some more jobs for you but apparently my family needs a holiday…..”
Quad Eight MM403
another pair – racked and ready to rock!
SSL 9000J
one of the most challenging of racking jobs – enabling a pair of SSL 9000J channel strips to work standalone. Not even SSL has worked out how to do this!
Harrison 2436
latest racked pair of these Harrison channel strips
Quad Eight AM-10
custom dual mic-pre using AM-10 modules
Auditronics 110B