Archive 10

AM 1510 – old US navy preamps with built- in limiters – built by Melcor

Auditronics 110 A – with meters and proharmonic eq mod

Electrodyne 711L

Harrison SM-5 – we extract the preamp / output driver card, EQ module and fully re-rack

MCI 500D – these are travelling from OS to us in Australia to recieve the Pro Harmonic treatment

Optro 7500– Australian made console channel strips

Quad Eight AM-2B – opto compression

Quad Eight AM-10– we took half a dozen AM-10 amplifier modules and built a stack of preamps around them

Quad Eight CL22 – nice orange ones!

SSL 522– stereo EQ modules from the SSL Series 5000 console

Neve Teledistort – exceedingly rare Neve teledistort modules, modified to added an active wet / dry mix

TAB V76 and U73- quite a stack of tube goodness